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TAKE THE FIRST STEP, CALL (888) 383-5207
TAKE THE FIRST STEP, CALL (888) 383-5207


Personalized, ultra-luxury drug & alcohol treatment center in Malibu and West Hollywood.

Located In the Hollywood Hills, right on the border of Beverly Hills & Malibu‘s world famous Broad beach.
We pride ourselves on having the finest treatment program in the country. In most cases, our therapists and physicians have over 20,000 hours of treatment experience. Carrara is truly “one of one”. There is nothing like it. We give the personal attention and attunement that our clients require to get positive outcomes.

Every treatment center hopes to form a therapeutic alliance with their clientele. What makes us different is that we aim to have all client-facing staff achieve the same alliance. That’s why we call Carrara “a love call” because we don’t just treat our clients, we care for them!

Carrara Treatment, Wellness & Spa is the only treatment facility in the United States with a world class spa led and created by the former spa manager from the Ojai Valley Inn.

We believe that self-care graduates to self-esteem which turns into self-love. We have never seen anyone who truly loved themselves, trying to harm themselves with drugs and alcohol.

We are designed to cater to individuals who are seeking recovery from various challenges such as addiction, mental health issues, stress, or burnout, while also providing a high-level of comfort and personalized care. Here are a few examples of what we offer at Carrara.

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Our professional and friendly counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Luxury Drug & Alcohol Treatment programs

Battling the affliction of substance use disorder is a vicious cycle that few people manage to escape. Los Angeles and particularly California as a whole, is home to some of the wealthiest economies in the United States. But with that prosperity comes a price.

While opportunities for growth are abundant in California and Los Angeles, there is a darker side rarely covered in the media. Addiction is rife. Maybe it started for you at an exclusive rooftop party, where you promised yourself that this line was only a one-off occasion in your life and nothing to worry about. Or maybe you started enjoying a fine bottle of wine with dinner, or a glass of 18-year-old Scotch after a hard day at the office, but those infrequent “treats” to yourself spun out of control. You began using them as a coping mechanism to get you through the day.

Life in California is fast-paced and you need a coping mechanism to deal with the stress. What you quickly learned is, at first what was all fun, graduated to fun with problems, which then ultimately became all problems.

Now you are facing a problem that only you can muster the courage to break free from. It’s possible to break free from the clutches of your addictions, but you have to take the first step and make the call.

Start your Recovery

(888) 383-5207

Luxury Detox Program

Carrara offers you the support you’re so desperately seeking. Just because you’re going through one of the biggest challenges in your life doesn’t mean you need to strip your lifestyle down to the bare essentials and be uncomfortable during your detox.

Carrara offers a serene luxury detoxification experience. Recover from a life that simply got away from you in the lap of luxury, with everything you need to ensure a successful change. You deserve more than an ordinary treatment facility masquerading as a luxury treatment center. Carrara is a true “ultra” luxury treatment program. We are one, of one.

You need more than a team of medical practitioners who don’t know your name and don’t care about you, treating you like a number. You deserve more.

Carrara luxury rehabilitation facilities offer a way to reclaim your life, your mind, and your soul in a tranquil, supportive space. Our team has one goal—to help you live your best life. We achieve this in part, through personal, intimate, honest communication and high-value support structures.

Luxury Residential Treatment

At Carrara, we understand that you may be accustomed to certain comforts. Just because you hit a speed bump and your life has been derailed by drugs or alcohol, your standard of living should not be compromised when seeking help. At Carrara, no one needs to suffer, you have suffered enough already.

Carrara luxury treatment centers feel like a 5 star hotel, where you can relax and recover. Personal private suites, high-end, designer communal areas, and exquisite nutritious cuisine at our beachfront estate. Breathtaking views, your private steps down to the beach, and the fresh ocean air – are the perfect environment to start your recovery.

Professional, world-class nursing, treatment programs, and support systems are our specialty. We’re here to help you in every way we can with a proven, effective treatment program that delivers results for our discerning clientele.

A Comfortable, Luxury Drug Detox

Drugs are an affliction in modern society, and you fell into that trap. Whether it was a bump of cocaine that got you hooked or an accidental interaction with opioids after a car accident that saw your life spiral out of control. It can be easily be overcome.

It’s an unfortunate reality that drugs are part of society, but they don’t have to be part of your life any longer.The Carrara luxury drug detox program will end your dependence on these substances. It cleanses your mind, body, and soul from whatever drug is torturing your existence and ruining your life.

Our medical and wellness team executes personalized treatment plans tailored to you. Carrara doesn’t implement cookie-cutter detox strategies. This is the most comfortable detox that you can get. More like a common cold, or a mild flu, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

Luxury Alcohol Detox

What started as a way to relax and unwind ended as a dependency you can’t seem to escape. You’ve tried to quit drinking and maybe had a little success cutting back. But you can’t put the bottle down.

The Carrara team understands the complex relationship between alcohol addiction and your mind and physiology. Our luxury detox program will help you break free from alcoholism and absolve your urge to drink.

Our Carrara alcohol detox facilities in Malibu, West Hollywood - Beverly Hills in Los Angeles give you the chance to end alcoholism once and for all. Our bespoke facilities and nurturing team ensure you experience the breakthrough you need.

Luxury Addiction Treatment

Carrara is more than an addiction treatment center. It’s a safe space where you can take your mind off the troubles in your life. We know you value privacy and confidentiality. Whether you’re a pillar of the business community, a member of the Hollywood elite, or an ultra-high-net-worth individual, we’ll ensure the knowledge of your stay remains within our walls.

Your life journey brought you here to us. We aim to give you results without impacting the luxuries and comforts you’re accustomed to. Every day at Carrara is another step forward to rediscovering yourself. You’ll take that journey while enjoying a luxurious experience that creates a sense of well being.

There will be work involved to restore yourself, but it won’t feel like work. All we are talking about here is being open, present, and honest. Our luxury accommodations and team of medical professionals and wellness experts ensure you don't fall back into doubt and uncertainty. With us, you see daily progress on your quest to restore yourself to who you were always meant to be.

Our Los Angeles Luxury Rehab Therapies


Somatic Trauma Therapy

Your addiction creates trauma in your life. You don’t mean to hurt the people you love; it just happens. You weren’t in control. Trauma not only comes from addiction, but it might be the reason why you took that wrong turn down the path of substance abuse in the first place.

Somatic Trauma Therapy addresses the trauma in your life. It restores the body-mind-soul connection within you, releasing you from the harrowing grip of emotional trauma. Your trauma doesn’t define you, and our team will help you heal that.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

You’ve experienced problems in your life; it’s part of being human. Sometimes, we can’t see past our choices, and they create issues that are challenging to cope with. Our team of board-certified and licensed psychotherapists and psychologists will help you unpack those problems and find the solutions you seek.

We work with you individually to delve deep into your mind, touching the core of the problems that hold you back in life and manifest your addictive behaviors. Our intimate small group sessions let you witness other individuals facing similar problems in their lives, letting you know you’re not alone with these issues.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Talking things out is a therapeutic practice that unpacks your mind, soul, and emotions. When you learn to communicate, you’ll feel a resounding release of the problems and trauma in your life. You’ll experience a shift in your emotions and thinking you never thought possible.

The Carrara clinical team understands your behavior is as unique as your life. We work with you to uncover those patterns holding you back, helping you embrace the best version of your inner self. We’ll help you rebuild and strengthen your relationships, starting you on the path to emotional mastery.


Recovery Based Groups and Interventions

There’s no need to go it alone in your recovery. We understand that you might not feel like talking to anyone in your broken state. You don’t know who to trust, and you’re fearful of other people’s judgment.

But when you’re ready to share, Carrara offers you a recovery group session where you can divulge as much as you want in a controlled, safe, loving, and supportive space.


Our Holistic Approach

At Carrara, we realize your recovery doesn’t rely on a single technique or strategy to make you whole again. It’s a synergistic symphony of techniques drawing together the mind, body, and spirit to create everlasting holistic healing and change.

Our primary therapists will handle everything for you. They will guide you to ensure you get the full recovery experience you deserve, drawing you out of the darkness and into the light. All you do is take our hand and let us lead you through the effortless transformation process we have in store for you.

Our Luxury Rehab Center Amenities

Carrara luxury rehab centers are unlike anything you expect. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol doesn’t mean you need to chain yourself to a dormitory bed. Carrara offers world-class luxury rehabilitation facilities, services, and amenities that exceed your expectations.

Our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible during your stay with us. We understand that when your needs are taken care of, you’re more likely to experience a successful recovery.

Luxurious Private Rooms

Let’s start with the premise that it is not luxury if you do not have a private bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and an individually controlled thermostat. Your safe space will have everything you need to ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay with us. We want you to feel right at home from the moment you step over the threshold.

Rooms feature comfortable California king and queen-sized beds with high thread count sheets. Unwind with a luxurious bubble bath, or a hot eucalyptus shower. Our 24-hour nursing staff is always on site, and we’re always here when you need us.

Our Own Private Chef At Carrara’s Luxury Drug Rehab Facility

Recovery involves more than luxurious living spaces and professional services. Your nutrition plays a cornerstone in your recovery program. Our personal chef creates culinary experiences for every meal, full of flavor and aromas that tease your taste buds and enliven your senses.

We cater to your nutritional preferences, ensuring every meal blows you away with its gourmet presentation and quality. Our bespoke menus give you a Michelin-star dining experience with every meal.

Pool and Spa

Lounging outside at Carrara and soaking up the California sun breathes life back into your body. When it’s time to cool off, take a plunge in the ocean or the pool and let the water wash away your troubles. If you’re looking for a sublime waterborne experience, let our hot tub or whirlpools excite your senses and reconnect your body and mind.

At Carrara, we understand that recovery involves personal self care. There’s no better way to experience that physically than with our range of bespoke spa treatments. Release the stress and pressure with our relaxing menu of massages, facials, scrubs and wraps, acupuncture, saunas, and steam rooms, to realign your energy flow.

Gym & Personal Trainer

Carrara rebuilds your mind and body. Throughout your recovery, you receive personal training sessions. Stretch and breathe with our yoga instructors and experience invigorating workouts with our fitness team to restore your physical and mental strength.

We tailor your exercise program to your specific wellness and fitness goals. We aim to restore your body to a point that brings balance to your mind and physical well-being. Let us guide you on your path to rediscovering a new you.

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Nestled in the backdrop atop the world famous Bird streets of the Hollywood Hills, on the border of Beverly Hills, is Carrara. This exclusive property offers the pinnacle of luxury living, with panoramic jetliner views of Los Angeles, Century City, and the Pacific Ocean.  Work out in a fully stocked commercial gym, de-stress in the eucalyptus steam room after a day of enlightenment, or in the sauna or infrared sauna. You can take a stimulating swim in one of the three pools, or soothe your body in one of the two jacuzzis.  Visit the spa with a menu of massage, facials, scrubs, wraps, acupuncture and more. After relaxing by the fire, return to your private suite for a restful sleep. All suites are private rooms with ensuite bathrooms, and individual climate controls for maximum comfort and convenience.

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Located directly across the street from Carrara this exquisite venue features an elegant but understated mid-century modern architecture. Enjoy the luxurious amenities offered at Carrara, along with an additional magnificent pool, panoramic city views, and outdoor fireplace. Connect with yourself by the fireplace as you watch the sun set over the sparkling city lights. All suites are private rooms with ensuite bathrooms, and individual climate controls for maximum comfort and convenience.

In the most elite beach estate in Malibu, Carrara Beach House is truly a work of art with total privacy and serenity.  As soon as you walk through the threshold your breath is taken away and it evokes a different kind of feeling. The sprawling deck offers a 180 degree view from Palos Verdes, to Catalina Island, to the Anacapa Islands with spectacular sunsets and white water vistas.  Your private steps take you right to the sand where you can ground yourself with nature on the dry white beach. Work out in the industrial gym, take a soak in the jacuzzi, or relax by the fire. Enjoy a massage, facial, wrap, scrub and more in one of two treatment rooms to relax your mind and body before retreating to your room for the evening. All suites are private rooms with ensuite bathrooms, and individual temperature controls for maximum comfort and convenience.

Our professional and friendly counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.