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TAKE THE FIRST STEP, CALL (888) 383-5207
TAKE THE FIRST STEP, CALL (888) 383-5207
Candance Henderson

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Christian

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Kenneth Spielvogel


Dr. Craig Smith

Medical Director

Dr. Eric Chaghouri


Britney Stearns

Program Director

Brooke Gilbertsen

Clinical Director

Nika Kalili

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Blair Steel Psy D.

Licensed Psychologist

Kathryn Diaz

Primary Therapist/Group Facilitator

Ryan Reilly

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Mike Endes

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Lee Konecke

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Jackie Brown

Director of Client Care and Alumni Services

Donald Berry

Nursing Supervisor

Crystal Webb

Spa Director

Nicky Stabile

Breathworks + Reiki

Ericka Schaeffer

Personal Trainer

Teal Nicholson

Trauma Informed Yoga + Sound Therapy + Stretch Therapy + Meditation

Victor Ikani

Personal Trainer

Jorey Worb

Reiki + Meditation

Chef Deb

Executive Chef

Jeff Friedman


Shannon Powell

VP of Admissions

Maggie de Caro

Human Resources

Amber Pape Manask

Director of Business Development

Johnna Hose

Director of Admissions

Darcy Johnston

Director of Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Sasha Munoz

Director of Utilization Review

Denise Willis

Reiki + Craniosacral Therapy + Soundbath + Meditation + Energy Sessions

Lisa Koritsoglou


Michael Gambino

Manager of Residential Services

Matt Hill

Director of Facilities

Ben Hinkle

Case Manager

Caroline Kish

Sous Chef

Janis Lazos

Head of House Keeping

Richard Taite

Executive Chairman

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