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About: Nika Kalili

Nika has been practicing in the mental health field and in substance abuse as a licensed psychotherapist for over 20 years with the emphasis of applying psycho-dynamic theories to better understand attachment styles, trauma, and the unconscious forces that can play in one's current behaviors, thoughts and emotions leading to addictions and other maladaptive behaviors.

Nika believes awareness of the root cause of our problems alone may not bring about the changes one is desiring. She believes that in addition to the psychodynamics, when a client learns how to deal with their painful feelings instead of creating defense mechanisms for it then fear is no longer the dominant factor. It is then when you begin to value yourself enough to change. To understand and challenge thinking patterns and valuing the capacity, skills, knowledge, connections, and potentials of each individual with compassion, empathy and interest through how they experience difficulties creates trust.

Nika believes when trust is established anything is possible and the strategies that are implemented work effectively “ without the compassion, empathy and the ability for the client to be heard and understood there should be no expectation for a client to talk about layers of trauma that they have tucked away for good reason”.

The ability to look beyond their presenting problems, childhood experiences and making the incremental changes needed in creating the life they intended to live is possible.

Nika also works in her private practice and has achieved academic publishing and Author of Unveiling Iranian women's beliefs and attitudes towards divorce, published through Lambert Academic Publishing.
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