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TAKE THE FIRST STEP, CALL (888) 383-5207
Brittney Sterns

About: Britney Stearns

Britney Stearns has over 9 years of experience in addiction treatment. Britney is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a specialization in addiction and co-occurring disorders. Britney earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Arizona State University. She then went on to get her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University. Britney was changed with a loved one battling addiction. Britney felt lost during the process and vowed to not let any other family member feel as helpless as she did. She made a commitment to become a therapist and not only help the client but heal the family system. Britney’s expertise is not only in addiction, she also specializes in obsessive compulsive disorders, personality disorders, autism spectrum disorders and mood disorders.

Over the last several years Britney helped create and manage the program for six residential facilities and an outpatient program. Britney loves to create a program that encompasses different modalities to give client’s access to many forms of coping.