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Recovery from substance abuse and mental health is a journey that involves many aspects of holistic healing to access the body, mind, and spirit. At the core of Carrara Treatment Wellness and Spa’s integrative and comprehensive approach includes an emphasis on nutrition and health. This is paramount for a successful recovery. In addition to Carrara’s luxury amenities and clinical programming, our dedicated team meets the nutritional needs of our patients. They also provide psychoeducation for a deeper understanding of why diet and exercise are an essential part of healing. Our juice and smoothie bar is an integral component in optimizing the nutritional well-being of our clients.
Why is this important for recovery? Why is diet important?
According to research, supporting the nutritional status of individuals with alcohol and drug use disorders is often neglected or a small part of the recovery process. This is the case even with the knowledge that substance use disorders can often lead to malnutrition or metabolic disorders which further compromise nutrition (Nabipour et al., 2014). Further consequences include altered body composition (Tang et al.,2010) and poor mental health (Tolliver and Anton, 2015). Thus, nutrition must be an important part of the treatment of substance use disorders. Despite these facts, nutrition is not traditionally given due consideration in treatment guidelines. Given the evidence that supports improved recovery outcomes by optimizing nutritional therapy, Carrara Treatment embraces this opportunity to be an innovator. 1
The juice and smoothie bar plays an integral role at Carrara Treatment. These bars are not just about serving delicious refreshments, but are a vital component of a nutrition regimen. We offer customized nourishment that aligns with the specific health goals of our patients. Incorporating fresh, nutrient-dense juices and smoothies into the recovery process provides the body with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that support healing from within. This is crucial when recovering from substance abuse, as the body needs to repair and rebalance itself. According to the Hunston Institute, “Nutrition plays an important role in recovery from substance abuse. Drugs and alcohol can affect metabolism, organ function, and mental well-being, and can prevent the body from properly absorbing, digesting, and using nutrients. This leads to vitamin deficiencies and poor nutrition overall. You can make the right choices to aid in the healing process. Food and nutrition supply the body with energy, as well as important vitamins and minerals that you need to start physical repair and boost your immune function.” 2
Our juice and smoothie bar is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it allows our patients to get the nutrients they need to aid in their recovery journey. The nutritional solutions provided at Carrara’s Juice and Smoothie Bars are carefully curated to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual. Selecting from a range of organic produce, superfoods, and supplements, our clients can enjoy a luxurious health experience that does not compromise on taste or quality. The Juice and Smoothie Bars at Carrara are more than mere amenities; they are a refuge. A concept where health and extravagance merge, offering a reprieve for our clients to pause, refresh, and nourish their bodies with the finest organic ingredients, all within the privacy and comfort of our tranquil environment.
Benefits of Juice and Smoothie Bar in Substance Abuse Treatment:
Nutrient Replenishment: Provides the body with essential nutrients that can be depleted during substance abuse, aiding in recovery and overall health.
Detoxification Aid: The antioxidants and enzymes in fresh juices and smoothies support the body’s natural detoxification processes.
Mental Clarity: Nutrient-rich drinks can contribute to mental clarity and improved focus. Clients participation increases with added focus on their therapy and recovery activities.
Energy Boost: Smoothies can offer a natural energy lift without the use of stimulants, which is vital for those in recovery needing sustainable energy throughout the day.
Immune System Support: The vitamins and minerals in the beverages can strengthen the immune system, an important factor in maintaining wellness during the recovery process.
Customizable Options: Customized juice and smoothie recipes allow for personalized nutritional plans that cater to dietary needs and preferences.
Palate Pleasure: The splendid flavors and large variety of options serve as an enjoyable element of treatment, bringing pleasure to the recovery experience.
The offerings from Carrara’s Juice and Smoothie Bars go far beyond the glass—they embody an element of care for those seeking rejuvenation from substance abuse. The ingredients used in the beverages are carefully chosen for their nutritional properties and for their potential to restore balance and enhance well-being. Carrara’s Juice and Smoothie Bar is not only known for its medicinal and nutritional benefits, but it also serves as a lounging area for our patients. They can sip on their nutritional drinks with a view of Carrara’s world-renowned luxurious spa.
This engagement with personal health is known to be empowering, fostering a sense of agency and structure that is often needed during the healing process. Carrara’s Juice and Smoothie Bar becomes a daily ritual and a moment where clients can focus on their health in a tangible and enjoyable way. Our clients look forward to this every day as it is also a way to connect while satisfying and nurturing one’s body.
The psychological benefits of nutrition cannot be denied. According to the research, “Your gut exerts a tremendous amount of influence on the rest of your body, including your mental health. Poor gut health has been linked to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. When your gut gets inflamed, that inflammation places so much stress on your system that you release molecules that directly influence brain function.” 3
In the past decades, the benefits of nutrition on mental health have been overlooked. More recently, this sentiment has shifted and the impact of nutritional optimization is being recognized by the masses. According to an article from USU based on research from Jeynes and Gibson (2017) provides evidence that:
  • Malnutrition is prevalent among individuals with SUD diagnoses.
  • Addiction and appetite impact the brain in similar ways to motivate behavior.
  • Malnutrition can increase drug-seeking behavior.
  • Treatment is more effective when nutritional support is optimized.
At Carrara Treatment, the Juice and Smoothie Bar is a testament to our understanding of this connection. Carrara’s dedicated team pays meticulous attention to nutrition as part of the integrative treatment model. The integration of Juice and Smoothie Bars into the recovery process elevates the standard of care, offering a delightful and wholesome aspect to treatment known to contribute to a successful recovery. When combined with other therapies and luxuries at Carrara, these nourishing beverages become part of a symphony of care that supports and sustains recovery.
Carrara Treatment understands that recovery is a nuanced experience, one that requires an environment where every need is anticipated and met with unparalleled mindfulness. Our Juice and Smoothie Bars reflect this understanding—a promise that your health is of utmost importance and that every facet of your recovery will be addressed efficiently. Contact Carrara Treatment to find out how our comprehensive approach to recovery can cater to your health and wellness needs with sophistication and efficacy that surpass expectations.
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