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/ June 25, 2024
Role of Nutrition Education in Treatment Settings

Why is Nutrition Education Essential in Substance Use Disorder Treatment? Nutrition education plays a pivotal role in the treatment of substance use disorders. It aids patients in altering their food attitudes and habits, overcoming fears, and reestablishing a healthy...

/ June 24, 2024
Behavioral Change and Dietary Interventions

What Role Does Behavioral Change Play in Dietary Interventions? Behavioral change is a crucial component of dietary interventions. It involves modifying an individual’s eating habits and lifestyle to promote weight loss and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. This...

/ June 10, 2024
Eating Healthy in Sobriety

Why is Eating Healthy Important in Sobriety? Maintaining a healthy diet is a key component of successful recovery from substance use disorders. Addiction often results in poor nutrition, vitamin deficiencies, and other health issues that need to be addressed....

/ June 1, 2024
Nutrition for Addiction Recovery

What is the Role of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery? Nutrition plays a crucial role in addiction recovery. Substance abuse often leads to nutrient deficiencies, organ damage, and mental health issues. A balanced diet can enhance recovery chances by reducing...

/ June 1, 2024
Does Diet Help with Substance Abuse Recovery?

How does substance use impact nutrition and overall health? Substance use can significantly affect nutrition and overall health, often leading to nutritional deficiencies and poor eating habits. Different substances can have different effects, such as opioids causing constipation and...

/ April 6, 2024
Nourishing Recovery: The Role of Juice and Smoothie Bars in Holistic Healing

Recovery from substance abuse and mental health is a journey that involves many aspects of holistic healing to access the body, mind, and spirit. At the core of Carrara Treatment Wellness and Spa’s integrative and comprehensive approach includes an...

/ November 25, 2023
Creating a Balanced Meal Plan for a Holistic Lifestyle

Learn how to create a balanced meal plan for a holistic lifestyle, including tips on maintaining healthy eating habits and incorporating holistic approaches to recovery.