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TAKE THE FIRST STEP, CALL (888) 383-5207
/ September 8, 2023
Rancho Santa Fe

Surrender to tranquility in the Rancho Santa Fe room. Revel in the perfect blend of elegance, comfort, and privacy. The soothing color scheme and serene ambiance invite relaxation and foster mindfulness, essential for your recovery journey. Our professional and...

/ September 8, 2023
Santa Monica

The Santa Monica suite is a symphony of relaxed elegance. Luxurious furnishing melds with top-tier comforts to create a space that invites you to unwind. Each element has been designed for your comfort and peace, offering an idyllic sanctuary...

/ September 8, 2023

The Calabasas suite is a space designed to transport you into a realm of tranquility. Each element in the room, from the elegantly selected furnishings to the soothing color palette, contributes to a calming environment that promotes recovery. The...

/ September 7, 2023
Hidden Hills

The Hidden Hills room is a fusion of luxury and tranquility. Every detail of the room, from the calming color palette to the handpicked furnishings, cultivates a therapeutic environment. Here, solitude and serenity are your companions, encouraging relaxation and...

/ September 7, 2023
Point Dume

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Point Dume suite. Tasteful furnishings and soothing hues come together to create a calming atmosphere. The suite’s thoughtful amenities and serene environment foster an environment that encourages relaxation and promotes healing. Indulge...

/ July 8, 2023
Los Altos

Bathed in an ethereal glow of natural light, the Los Altos room curates a calming atmosphere. Each piece of decor and luxurious furnishing has been hand-picked to inspire peace, crafting an ideal space for introspection and restoration. Our professional...

/ June 28, 2023
Palo Alto

Welcome to the Palo Alto suite — an oasis of calm where modern elegance finds its home amid comforting familiarity. Here, natural light dances around the room and the plush bed lulls you to sleep. The adjoining bathroom comes...

/ April 8, 2023

Venture into the Brentwood room — a sanctuary of elegance and luxury. The embrace of our luxurious linens promises a restful slumber, awakening your senses to the blessings of a new day. The room, bathed in welcoming light, resonates...

/ March 28, 2023
Pacific Palisades

Experience the epitome of luxury in our Pacific Palisades suite. The indulgent king-sized bed invites you to surrender to sweet dreams, nurturing your journey to recovery. The room is dressed in earth tones that inspires restfulness. Subtle textures and...

/ March 28, 2023
Malibu Colony

Surrender to the essence of relaxed luxury in the Malibu Colony room. The room’s tranquil color scheme, combined with its plush furnishings, creates a calming setting for healing. The soothing tones and traditional decor foster an atmosphere of tranquility...

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