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Trauma-Informed Yoga (TIY) addresses both the physical and psychological components of addiction recovery. Trauma-Informed Yoga is part of Carrara’s holistic healing program and is a trauma based approach to yoga healing. This specialized yoga practice is tailored to the needs of individuals who have experienced trauma, offering a safe and nurturing atmosphere for clients to explore body movement in a safe setting. Trauma affects the body and many body practices like yoga can be triggering and challenging for those who have experienced trauma. Trauma-Informed Yoga provides a safe, secure, and grounded environment that aims to restore a sense of autonomy. A primary goal of this approach is allowing individuals to regain a sense of control over their practice and their body. While traditional yoga generally focuses on poses and emotional regulation, TIY highlights grounding, mindfulness, and embodiment. TIY allows individuals to pay attention to signs of dissociation and distress that may come up, and to pause whenever needed.

Benefits of Trauma-Informed Yoga

  • Body Awareness: TIY is known to restore trust in the body and establish a sense of safety, which can be destroyed by trauma and substance abuse. TIY aims to help gain awareness of an individual’s body and somatic sensations.
  • Stress and Anxiety Release: TIY encourages the release of physical tension and stress by moving into the parasympathetic nervous system thus reducing symptoms of anxiety.
  • Emotional Resiliency: By enhancing body awareness, and learning how to breathe through discomfort or heightened sensations, TIY enhances emotional regulation and can reduce symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and depression.
  • Mind-Body Connectivity: It strengthens the mind-body connection, helping individuals recognize and attend to their physical and emotional needs.
  • Decreased Dissociation: TIY promotes body awareness thus becoming mindful of sensations and feelings while learning how to tolerate them. Being present during this process aids in reducing dissociation and patterns associated with dissociation.
  • Physical Health/Improved sleep quality: Regular practice improves overall physical well-being. A survey discovered 55% of individual who did yoga had improved rest and sleep quality.

The impact of Trauma-Informed Yoga at Carrara in undeniable. TIY enhances the recovery experience, decreases cravings, and reduces relapse risk with ongoing practice. Utilizing this technique allows our clients to improve body awareness, reduce mood symptoms, promote restful sleep, release physical and emotional facets of trauma, and overall wellbeing. This practice is vastly different than the challenging dynamics of active addiction. Individuals are able to practice this technique in a safe and serene environment, with grounding and Breathwork. This practice is gentle and moves at the pace of the individual, allowing the time needed with less focus on the actual poses. The grounding effect of TIY plays a vital role in supporting individuals to center themselves, particularly in moments of emotional dysregulation often triggered by trauma and addiction.

TIY is a pivotal aspect of the clinical program at Carrara. TIY is more than an amenity—it is a integral component of our holistic approach to recovery and healing. By promoting a safe and serene environment, TIY aids client’s to improve mind-body connection while releasing physical manifestations of trauma. In combination with therapy and group sessions, client’s can regain safety in their bodies while moving into the parasympathetic nervous system to promote rest and relaxation. In addition, TIY practices mindfulness by keeping your focus on the preset and breathing through challenging sensations. Promoting physical health and well-being, supports the flow of the body’s natural detoxification processes during recovery. TIY supports individuals with anxiety reduction techniques that are vital for relapse prevention and can be accessed at any point in the recovery journey. At Carrara, Trauma-Informed Yoga is an example of our integrative treatment program, offering multiple roads to healing. Treatment is tailored and individualized to the unique experiences and needs of each client. The incorporation of TIY into our comprehensive recovery programs reflects our dedication to innovative treatment methods that recognize the complexity of substance abuse and the unique journey towards wellness.


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