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What are Heroin Eyes?

Heroin eyes is a slang term to describe ocular changes that occur with opiate intoxication. Heroin eyes are generally pinpoint pupils, much smaller than your normal pupil size. Recognizing these signs can be essential for early detection and intervention, which is crucial given the severe health risks associated with opioid use.

Symptoms of Heroin Eyes

  1. Pinned or constricted pupils called “Miosis” means excessive contraction and shrinking of an individual’s pupil. According to heathline, “In miosis, the diameter of the pupil is less than 2 millimeters (mm), or just over 1/16th of an inch.” Miosis can occur in one or both eyes. When the pupils change, it may no longer respond to changes in light levels as well. 
  2. Redness/Bloodshot eyes can occur due to heroin’s impact on the circulatory system causes blood vessels in the eyes to dilate thus leading to these changes. If an individual is smoking heroin, the smoke can also irritate the eyes and lead to this. 
  3. Dark circles or puffiness around the eye can be due to lifestyle changes such as poor sleep, malnutrition, neglecting hygiene, and/or a general decline in health.

Does Heroin Eyes Make Your Eyes Dilate?

While certain drugs make your eyes dilate, meaning your pupils become excessively large compared to the average size, heroin does not. When this occurs, it’s referred to as mydriasis and can last several hours or days despite discontinuing use. Mydriasis can occur when an individual uses amphetamines, cocaine, or marijuana.

Why is it important to know about heroin eyes?

Early dedication and intervention is key for substance misuse. Although there are other symptoms and signs of heroin abuse, heroin eyes can be easier to spot and alert you of a potential problem. Carrara treatment is here to answer any questions about heroin withdrawal, symptoms, signs, and treatment options for your loved ones.

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